Many people search for top Online earning websites in Pakistan without investment so that they can do work online and earn money from these websites by sitting at home. Yes, you’re at the right place, Earning Advice. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 best online earning websites in Pakistan without investment where most Pakistani people are earning healthy amounts.

Aside from sites, there are numerous independent venture thoughts and speculation amazing open doors that you can begin today.

In this blog, we present to you the absolute most famous and dependable online earning websites in Pakistan without investment, that will assist you with getting independence from the rat race.

Let’s discuss this now,

  1. Fiverr
  2. YouTube
  3. Amazon Affiliate
  4. Upwork
  5. Facebook


Fiverr is one of the web-based procuring sites in Pakistan where you can trade Services. The fundamental services start from $5 and the energizes may go relying on how much work you are doing and your aptitude.

The site has over 300+ classifications where you can grandstand your range of abilities, you can do graphic designing, content writing, photo editing, and any single skill you have.

It is a stage where you can earn money online in Pakistan without speculation.

Probably the most well-known classifications on Fiverr are:

There is a lot of work there, some of the most common categories are,

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

Fiverr charges a 20% commission from each deal the merchant is making, whether it’s a $5.00 value Gig or a $100.00 gig. If you’re making an offer of $5.00 you’ll be accused of a $1.00 commission, $20.00 commission for the offer of $100.00.

You can earn a healthy amount from Fiverr if you have any kind of skill.

Make Fiverr Account: 

Fiverr Profile Settings: 

Make Fiver Gig: 

Get your First Fiverr Order: 

Secret Method To Get First Fiverr Order:


YouTube is the 2nd largest website to earn money online in Pakistan. YouTube is a platform where people from all around the globe share videos and all they need to do is to post quality content to grab a good number of viewers.

You can simply start making money as you start making videos. YouTube pays based on CPM according to your content. 

YouTube pays your monthly revenue to your AdSense account and then AdSense pays you to your bank account linked with it.

Here is a complete video guide, If you want to earn from youtube in Pakistan.

How to make a YouTube channel with settings:

Complete YouTube guide playlist:


Amazon Associates’ affiliate program is similar to other best affiliate programs. You can easily start by signing up for an affiliate account, sharing Amazon products and services via customized linking tools, and earning money on qualifying purchases. 

This is the best way to earn money without doing anything. This means you just have to share the links and if anybody purchases them you will get the commission. Simple.

How to make an amazon affiliate account:

Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook:

Amazon affiliate marketing on your websites or blogs:

Amazon affiliate marketing on Tiktok:

Hope you learn these skills and earn money on amazon in Pakistan in this simplest way. Thanks


Upwork is also an online earning freelancing website and ranked 2nd after Fiverr in Pakistan. If you have any skill you can sell it on Upwork and earn a healthy amount. There are thousands of skilled people from Pakistan working on Upwork and earning a good amount. 

On Upwork, you have to place bids on orders from the client and then the client selects what he or she wants. This is different from Fiverr. That’s a long debate about whether Upwork or Fiverr is best. The answer is that platform is the best which is easy and convenient for you.



Facebook is also a kind of earning website along with a social media platform. There are a lot of ways to earn money through Facebook. If we compare Facebook with youtube, Facebook has more earning options than youtube. But as we know Facebook is still in the process of in-stream ads in Pakistan so that’s why it is ranked lower then youtube. But many other options are there from which you can earn a healthy amount.

  • let’s share some of them:
  • In-stream ads on pages and profile videos
  • Freelancing groups
  • Stars earning on Posts
  • Live monetization tools
  • E-Commerce groups, profiles, and pages
  • Marketplace
  • Advertising

and much more. 


We have discussed the top 5 online earning websites in Pakistan from where you can earn money but all you need is hard work and consistency. Earning Advice is always there to help you to grow your wallets and to make you and your family happy. Thanks


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