To grow up Microsoft 365 Copilot will attempt to automate content creation and analysis in all previous Microsoft Office applications.

Today Microsoft removed the cover Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot Its efforts to build AI-powered automated content creation features across all Microsoft 365 applications are well known.

The capabilities demonstrated by Microsoft Make Copilot look like a skewed version of Clippy, the lovable and lovable assistant from older versions of Microsoft Office. Copilot can automatically create Outlook emails, Word documents, and PowerPoint decks, it can automate data analysis in Excel, and it can extract relevant points from Microsoft Teams meeting transcript, among other things.

Microsoft is currently testing Copilot “with 20 customers, including eight in Fortune 500 organizations.” The preview will be rolled out to other organizations “in the coming months,” but the company didn’t say when individual Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to use the features. The company will “share more about pricing and licensing soon,” indicating that the feature may be a paid add-on on top of the cost of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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