How to get a Free Jazzcash Mastercard And what are the key features of this card

Step 1
Login to your JazzCash account and click on the “My Account” button after That Scroll down and click on the “JazzCash Debit Card” option.
Click on the third card which is MasterCard and after that click on the “Order Now” Button
Type your name and click on “select delivery options” after that Click on postal delivery.
Click on “Use A Different Address” and Put your delivery address here in 2nd picture.
Confirm order” and your order is on the way.

Uses of JazzCash Mastercard In Online World and Freelancing

As we know the world is growing and Pakistan is full of skillful people. Because of this, freelancers and other online working communities are growing but our local banks are not supporting this community yet. JazzCash is here in the field to help all the online workers so that we can grow together and build a strong Pakistan.


Fiverr is one of the top and best freelancing websites in the world. Millions of freelancers work and get paid daily so for the Pakistani freelancers, It is very difficult to get paid because of international payment methods who do not work in Pakistan. But don’t worry about it. Payoneer is the second best payment method of You can transfer your payments in Payoneer and then can transfer from Payoneer to JazzCash account. You can also make a Payoneer account by using the JazzCash app and can withdraw money at any time with the help of the JazzCash Mastercard.


Skrill is one of the best payment gateways used by millions of people around the world. You can transfer money in seconds anywhere in the world with the help of Skrill. But how you will get money out of skrill? The answer is JazzCash. You can use JazzCash and can get payment easily in a JazzCash account and whenever you want, you can withdraw money with the help of JazzCash Mastercard.

Online Shopping

Online shopping and E-commerce are growing day by day and As we know, JazzCash has a wide variety of merchants who accepts JazzCash payment, Alkaram Studio,, Kayseria, and many other big brands accept JazzCash payments so with the help of JazzCash Mastercard you can now easily shop online from anywhere in the world.

Online Payments

Every online payment needs a MasterCard for successful transactions. You can use JazzCash Mastercard to pay anywhere in the world. Many Online payment gateways accept JazzCash so that you can get your payments in a JazzCash account and easily withdraw from JazzCash Mastercard.

Some Other Useful features of JazzCash Mastercard

  1. Secure E-Commerce Transactions
  2. Buy 1 Get 1 offers on over 700 products with Voucher 365.
  3. More than 67,000 Local Merchants accept JazzCash.
  4. SMS alerts are free.
  5. The shopping and withdrawal limit per day is 50,000 pkr.
  6. There are no extra charges for shopping.
  7. There is no annual fee on JazzCash Mastercard.
  8. You can use JazzCash Mastercard for your online payments.
  9. Many gateways also use JazzCash so that you can withdraw money by JazzCash Mastercard at any time.
  10. Two transactions of JazzCash Mastercard are free in a month.

JazzCash is growing and getting strong. JazzCash is supporting IT services that are the future of the world. In comparison with other banks in Pakistan, JazzCash is leading and getting more success. JazzCash App also helps people to make online transactions. You can install the JazzCash app from the google play store and can get JazzCash MasterCard. There are many other features on the JazzCash App, waiting for you.
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