How to earn money online from Adsense?

When a creator uses Adsense ad on his blog or YouTube channel, then an ad shows on his blog or YouTube channel.

If you have also liked the way to earn money from Adsense and you want to start earning money from Adsense, then first of all you have to start your own YouTube channel or blog on Blogger.

If you have started your YouTube channel, then first of all you have to put the best content on YouTube.

Regardless of whether your YouTube channel is of any category, whether it is related to technology or any other category.

As soon as you start putting the best quality videos on your YouTube channel, then both views and subscribers will start coming to your videos.

As soon as 4000 Hours WATCH TIME + 1000 Subscriber In Past 12 Months will be completed on your YouTube channel.

When you put Adsense on your YouTube videos, then ads will start coming on your YouTube videos.

The more views you get on your YouTube videos, the more you will be able to earn money from those videos.

Now it is a matter of how to earn money online in India sitting at home from a blog or website, or how to earn money online in India by placing Adsense ad on blog or website?

Just in YouTube you had to become a YouTube channel and upload videos, similarly in Blogger you have to create a blog and publish articles.

If you do not know what blogging is, then let me tell you that blogger is a blog website in which you have to publish on Google by writing answers to questions.

Just like you have searched on Google how to earn money online in India? Online money earning website 2021 or how to earn money online in India sitting at home? So you saw this post of mine, which you are currently reading.

How to make money online by creating your own blog or website?

Making money online by creating your own blog or website is a bit difficult but this is the best method to earn money online because in this you get to learn a lot which is going to be very useful for you going forward.

I am speaking this field difficult because to do blogging, we should have a good knowledge of SEO.

  • Technical SEO


Blog earning

First of all, go to Blogger and sign in with Google, after sign in, create a blog by clicking on Create a new blog.

After that you should have a custom domain If you do not have a custom domain then you have to buy a domain first.

When you have a custom domain name, you have to connect it to blogger.

After that you will have to put good content on your blog so that people like your article.

Keep in mind that you have to SEO your blog post well so that your blog ranks well in Google.

As soon as you have 25-30 articles on your blog, after that you have to apply your blog for Adsense approval.

And now you are ready to earn money online from blogger, blogging or google.

How to earn money online in India from Admob sitting at home?

Actually Admob is also an in app ad publisher made by Google like Adsense.

To earn money online from Admob, you should have a good knowledge of app development.

If you want to make money online from admob then you have to make your own app

Job If you have your own app, then you can easily earn money online from Google sitting at home by putting ad unit given by Admob in it.

Keep in mind that if you have already installed admob, then you do not have to click on your ad yourself.

If you made such a mistake then your admob account may be banned, so please don’t ever make such a mistake my friend.


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