How to earn money from YouTube : In today’s time, the trend of internet has increased a lot and now YouTube has replaced TV. On YouTube, you get all kinds of videos from entertainment to education. Today’s young generation prefers YouTube more than TV and this is the reason why YouTube is one of the most used websites and apps in the world.But YouTube is not only a means of entertainment, but many people are also getting employment through it. YouTube is a great medium to earn money. If you have the power in your work, then you can earn not only thousands but also lakhs of rupees from YouTube. But how? In today’s post, we will tell you that ‘ how to earn money from YouTube ‘ ( YouTube se Paise Kaise Kamaye ). So let’s start guide

what is youtube

In this way, you do not need to tell much about YouTube, but still let me tell you as a basic detail that YouTube is an online video streaming website that most of you would be using through an application. You get many types of content on videos such as technical information, entertainment, news etc.

 Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and millions of people watch them. We get many types of content on YouTube, whether it is related to entertainment or education or health etc. YouTube not only provides us with free videos but also gives us the opportunity to earn money. Yes, everyone, if you want, you can earn money from Youtube sitting at home.

YouTube was started almost 14 years ago today on 14 February 2005 and today it is used in all countries except a few countries. YouTube offers people to upload videos and view, rate, share, add to Favorites, Report, Comment and subscribe channel for uploading videos. Because of YouTube, today we can learn anything sitting at home. According to one figure, more than 5 Billion videos are watched daily on YouTube.

So by this you must have come to know about the power of YouTube. So let’s now know about ‘How to earn money from YouTube’ –

Important things to earn money from YouTube

If you are going to earn money from YouTube then you must have the following things.

• Internet Connection
• Gmail ID

You must have a smartphone or a computer to run YouTube and the Internet is also fast for YouTube online services. You need Gmail because you have to create a channel on YouTube to earn money from YouTube and for this Gmail (Google Mail Service) is necessary.

Youtube se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

Many of you must already know about earning money from YouTube. But most of the people will remember only one way to earn money from YouTube which is to earn money through Ads. This method is very easy. In this we have to upload videos and then approve Adsense on them. We get money according to our views. But many times it takes a lot of time to get Adsense approved and if your views are less then you are not able to earn good earning from Adsense. Today we are going to tell you about 2 new ways to earn from YouTube.

But most of the people are aware of the same method that YouTube itself provides ie AIDS, but if you depend only on YouTube AIDS then maybe you will not get as much as your hard work. If your channel gets views from big countries like USA, then you can get good income, but in India, the money you get from YouTube AIDS is also very less. That is, if you want to get certification only from YouTube AIDS, then for this it is necessary to have millions of views on your videos.

But apart from some YouTube Ads, there are some ways through which you can earn money through YouTube. We are going to tell you about 2 such new methods, let’s know:

1. Earn Money Without Uploading Videos:

Perhaps many people will be a little surprised to read this title but it is absolutely true. There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, but in all of them, it is mandatory for you to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos and then views should also come on the videos. But if you want, you can earn money from YouTube without any hard work and without making videos. For this you have to become a Mediator. That is, a middle link!

Actually all of you must be aware that many YouTubers make sponsored videos or they promote any app or company etc. in their videos. If you watch big YouTube videos, then they will also get information about any app or any company in some video and you will be asked to use it. The method may be different, but overall those people ask you to use that app or the product of that company.


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