Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates in the world’s biggest altcoin and bitcoin exchanges. Binance provides you with a crypto wallet that would help you store your electronic funds generated via hundreds of cryptocurrencies all around the world with complete security.

How to create a Binance account in Pakistan:

There are two ways to create your Binance account that are via a referral link through your browser or via the Binance application. Both ways are quite simple and effective. For instance, if you want to join via a referral link then just click on the link provided:

  1. Referral Link.

Secondly, if you are interested to create an account via the Binance application following are the steps to follow:

  • The first step after you’ve downloaded the Binance app is you would go to the registration page and there which would give you 3 options sign which signs in with phone or email, sign in with Google, or sign in with Apple.
  • After choosing your choice of option such as signing in with your phone or email you would move on to the next step to fill in your phone number along with your email and password and make sure that there should be some upper case and lower case letters along with some numbers in your password. Also, if you’ve joined via someone’s referral code then adding the referral code would be a requirement as well. After filling in your information click on the agreement terms to continue further.
  • Click on Create a personal account which would move you to the next step which is to put the email verification code that would be sent to your personal email.
  • After submitting your email verification code your account at Binance would be created.

How to Verify Your Binance Account in Pakistan?

After you’ve created your Binance account the next important thing is to get your account verified which is very simple and secure. Following are the steps to guide you better to verify your Binance account in Pakistan:

  • After creating your account click on Verify Now.
  • The next option would be whether you would like to verify via the Binance app or would like to continue on the browser which totally depends on you but an easier option is to verify via the Binance app.
  • Moving on to the Binance app the next step would be to log in via the email or phone number that you used in creating your account earlier.
  • Fill in the password after which another verification code would be sent to your email.
  • After clicking on submit then you would start the verification in which you would select your residency first which is Pakistan.
  • Clicking on continue you would fill up your nationality which would be Pakistani, and fill in the naming details ( first name, middle name, last name) e.g: Muhammad Ali Butt: First name: Muhammad, Middle name: Ali, Last name: Butt. Fill in your Date Of Birth (DOB).
  • Click on Continue and fill in your residential details such as your address, Postal code, and Country.
  • The initial step is document verification which would provide you with three options which are via Passport, driver’s License, or via Smart card, or CNIC.
  • Depending upon your choice accordingly if you go with CNIC get your original CNIC and submit the front and back picture of it clearly so that everything would be visible.
  • The last step is facial verification where you are supposed to sit in proper lighting and would move your face as constructed so that the verification can be confirmed.

It would take a little time to get your account verified if you have given the proper information.

Video tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial that would help you understand better.

Click Here.


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