Can I earn money by watching ads?

Skip It! That’s all you do when it comes to an Ad but what if I tell you guys that there is a way to make money out of it? As impressive as it sounds, earning money without any investment is simple yet effective. A side hustle that would help you earn money online by watching Google Ads. Now multiple Apps would help you get paid anytime by watching ads from anywhere without hassle.

5 best platforms to help you earn money by watching ads:

  1. InboxDollars.
  2. Swagbucks.
  3. MyPoints.
  4. Ad Wallet.
  5. Ibotta.


When it comes to legit money InboxDollars is one trustable platform that offers you to earn money in different ways such as getting paid by PayPal, getting paid via gift cards or you can donate your money to a charity of your choice as well which is a great act of kindness. To make sure that it helps you earn money online they assure you in the beginning with a bonus of 5$ signup that is not given by every platform so that would help you know that the InboxDollars app would get you some easy yet legit money online.


The ultimate question that comes to your mind would be how Swagbucks work. Simply, you would earn rewards for filling out surveys and playing games as it would pay you in the form of SB points every 1000 SB is worth 1$ USD. The minimum age to sign up for Swagbucks is 13yrs old. It offers you multiple ways to earn money online by just watching ads.

My Points:

It is one of the most user-friendly apps that would help you earn money online by just shopping or playing games as well as by watching videos online and it pays you every day. How do My Points work? It pays you based on your retail activities with different platforms such as Amazon or other retailing platforms where you shop and you get a 40% of cashback by watching ads or filling out surveys for them. You’ll get paid depending upon the ratio of points that you would earn with My Points.


AdWallet is way more different from other platforms in terms of earning money online and as well as how AdWallet works. It offers you more money than other platforms ad solely it earns money by watching ads online. At first, they didn’t offer any app but now they have an app as well that would help you earn money online. The minimum cash limit is 10$. It is one of the most popular platforms as it has paid more than 1 million $ to its members over a short span of time. The age limit is 13yrs as well, so a young one like you would be able to make more than the adults out there.


Ibotta offers you variation in a way that would allow you to shop for yourself in more than 1500 stores by offering you some nice deals that would help you earn 30% cashback on your purchases as well watching ads as well. Also, you ought to get 5$ bonus for referring it to your friends or people around you. It works on your choice whether you want to work via an app or a web browser.

How to avoid online scams?

Three steps to avoid any sort of scam:

  1. Never handle your personal information such as your mobile number or address.
  2. Do not share your bank details at any cost.
  3. Avoid signing up for random emailed surveys.


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