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My name is ……. I am a professional Content Writer. I have seen your website ………… and it seems awesome. The content on your website is really good and impressive. I know you are a busy person and don’t have much time for writing all that stuff. Many website owners hire freelancers for content writing and pay too much money for that. So, I have an offer for you which will be quite helpful for you.

I have some questions for you.

What if, a content writing guy comes to you and you don’t have to search anymore?

What if someone offers you more best & SEO-optimized content at a lower price than you’re paying?

What if someone boosts your website traffic at a low price than you’re paying right now?

What if, someone offers you free blog samples?

The answer to all the questions is Me. I and my team is providing these services to many clients and they all are satisfied. I’m not asking you to hire me but at least you can check the free sample. If it works, you can hire and we can start creating whatever you want.

I can write guest posting, copywriting, SEO writing, website content, news article, forum article, engagement articles, research articles, etc. All of these are SEO optimized.

You can ask for a free sample of 2 blogs at any time related to any topic. You can also share your budget, as I said we will provide services in low price than you’re paying right now.

Hope you will allow me to show you what I can do for you.

I’ll look forward to getting a response from you. If you feel interested, you can contact me through email or What’s App.


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Thank You. 




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