Subject : Opportunity to make your website more attractive

                Opportunity to became best shopify website

                Make your website more clickable 

               Suggestions to make your business more successful




I am a professional shopify web speed optimization service provider.

I just landed on your FITNESS shopify store. Firstly, congrats on taking steps towards your goals. That’s AWESOME.


Now how would you like to scale your store to new heights and find new high paying customers.

 I had a chance of evaluating your website and want to offer some feedback and some interesting suggestions to grow your business.


There are some technical problems going on at your website which are resisting the success of your business. Your aesthetics and graphics could use a bit of work.

I happen to be a professional designer with 5 years of experience. I am sending you the reports so that you can analyze and work on it to fix it.


The number one factor affecting conversions is the speed of your website. No one likes a laggy website.

Here is the complete report of your websites, All the problem are highlighted with complete details.



If you want, I can fix all these issues for you in good rates then market. I am a professional and serve with quality work. Your satisfaction & business growth is important to me.

I am waiting for your reply, please let us know. We can discuss further if you want.


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