Blog is an online place where you can publish your ideas on the internet through articles and pictures. 
Like some people write blogs about technology, whatever new mobile comes or any new gadget comes, information about it comes to the people through the Internet, some people write travel blogging, some people work in the same field in which they work. If you give information about blogs to people, then it depends on you on which topic you want to write a blog. 

What are the things we should keep in mind before writing a blog?

  • Before we write a blog, we have to decide that on which low we will write our blog, low means here, on which subject, on which topic will my blog be complete like you can see my blog that computer course Related is my blog, so all the computer courses related topics are there, I post in this blog, in the same way you have to decide in which niche you want to write your blog.
  • Now, on whose word you want to write a blog, first research the word and see how many people actually search in Google on his word in a month, check in Google Trend, how much traffic comes in it, it is important because if you Will write a block on such a keyword that if no one ever searches, then what is the use of writing a block that no one will have to do this blog, then you should research the keyword first, how many people come in a month and how many people in a year Come and how much is the traffic on his word, you can search everything by going to Google Keyword Research
  • Keyword means as if you have searched in Google computer course in Hindi then it has become one of our keywords and through this keyword we will get traffic on that block, then in this way you want to write blog on any topic. If so, then you should decide two or four keywords and research it by going to Google Keyword Planner and see how many people search their word in it, for example, I am showing you some keywords below, in this way you can keyword about that topic. You can create and search, you have to give this keyword in the heading, in the topic on which you are writing, its heading will be yours.

    How to earn money from blog – Blog se paise kaise kamaye

    When traffic of at least 100 to 200 people starts coming to your blog every day, then you can earn money by placing advertisements on your blog.
    • Google Adsense This is a product of a Google company, which is all the websites and blogs on the Internet, people who want to place ads on their website or blog, Google Adsense gives them a chance to place their ads on their website and earn money from Google Adsense. read more about
    • Native Aids You can earn money by placing Native Ads on your blog or website Read more about Native Aids
    • Affiliate Marketing You Can Make Money By A Plate Marketing On Your Blog And Website Read More About Affiliate Marketing
    • There are many other ways to earn money from blog like sponsor ship, etc.

    How to get your blog in google search engine.

    To bring your blog to Google search engine, you have to go to Google search console and submit the URL of your website, Google has to tell that this is our website and you index this website in Google search engine.
    When you input your website url in google search console, then you get an HTML code there, that code has to be verified by putting it inside the HEAD TAG of your blog, after that you will write whatever you want inside your blog. Google will automatically index you, you must make a site map of your blog inside Google Search Console.
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Shahid Hassan · March 14, 2022 at 4:49 am

i Got lot of knowledge from your blog thanks

james david salinas · March 20, 2022 at 9:14 am

Wow, a good advice for starting for website. and learn for it

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