Subject: An Opportunity Which Can Boost 100% Views Of Your Channel


Dear ………,
We are glad to write this only for you and also seeking your focus. As I know you are a professional and good content creator on your Channel
My Name Is ………… I am a professional Graphic Designer. I am an expert in YouTube thumbnail design. I believe in quality services rather than job operations.
As we know, Thumbnail is the first impression of every video and by watching the thumbnail everyone decides whether to watch the video or not. I know that your content is very good and strong but you can’t focus on the thumbnail as much if you’re focusing on your content. So I’m here to assist you and provide free testing services.

As Per My Experience, A good Thumbnail should always:
Convey the video’s subject.
When needed, show the face of the person speaking invitingly.
Include your brand.
Be optimized for any device.
Large and easy to read.
Invites the people who are not interested.

(Here is the Example)

As I like your content and your videos are an inspiration for me so, I can make 2 free thumbnails for you for approval of this exciting position job on your channel.

My Prices are also better than the market and the work is quality assured, you will check obviously. The price per thumbnail is 2 USD Only.
I would love to talk to you in more detail regarding this amazing opportunity. It would give me great pleasure to hear back from you regarding our proposal. You can also contact me on WhatsApp @……



Your Name…….


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