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I’m going to share the best offer to you which is beneficial for both of us. So please just take 2 minutes and read it carefully.

As you know the world is getting smarter day by day and people are preferring short stories or tutorials. Every platform is promoting short content. So I’m a short video editor and I just want to offer you beneficial services.

You don’t need to make any new videos. I will convert your long videos into 1, 2, or 3 shorts. Depends on the content. 

YouTube shorts are now monetized and YouTube is promoting shorts over lengthy videos. 

1 video can be published on many platforms, like

YouTube Shorts

Facebook Reels

Instagram Reels


Snack Video

and many more.

It will also enhance your long video viewership. And It will boost your reach on every platform.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to do anything. I will automatically make short videos from your content and send them to you on a daily or weekly basis.

Now, My Charges

I am sending you the demo below in the link. 

I will make 3 pairs of shorts free for you just for your satisfaction. If you like, hire me otherwise no problem.

My price is low the market price and work is more qualitative. You can check and try.


Price List

Per short video price: $2

1. Basic plan

Daily 2 to 3 short videos: $115 Monthly

2. Standard plan

Daily 4 to 5 short videos: $200 Monthly

3. Premium plan

For 2 channels, daily 8 to 12 videos: $450 Monthly


If you have any issues, you can let me know. I’m here to fix everything for you.

The demo is attached and you can ask for a free trial.


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